23 November 2021

Our latest build is a colorful ode to the material we love the most.

Author: Dane Zijlstra

The Killat Collective Metal Bike, custom build

I was surprised to see this frame after painting. Luminous pink and teal are not colours one often sees on bikes. It took me a moment to appreciate the design. Once I allowed myself to imagine building it I felt the connection. The paintwork is not super technical, a simple crossfade of Pink over the teal powdercoat base. The pink is spectacularly bright which is balanced by the teal and exposed carbon. Splash of pink and teal on the tips of the fork. The design throws me back to a few SA built vintage bicycles I had come across over time. Bold but simple. The paint almost follows the classic lines provided by the equally classic steel tubing.

Pink and teal Columbus frame

The tubing is mostly Columbus Zona along with the Futura gravel fork. The fork matched the concept behind the geometry and style of the bike perfectly. As Columbus says:

“Hybridization of road race and outdoor worlds”

Columbus specs and disc brakes

This bicycle we imagine can be used anywhere. The freedom to choose any road at any one moment. Roadie cityscapes to ravel passes, the Forever Bike.

And about the coloring: “let’s be honest… there’s nothing more metal than a fluorescent pink bike!” says Ronald, whom helped brainstorm the design concept. 

Frame specs of a Columbus x Mercer bike
Steel is real


For the build I chose to mirror the bold hand built frame by Mercer and Shamrockpaintworks handled the colouring in of the frame. A Campagnolo Ekar felt like a good fit, so we went with a 1×13 purpose built drive train on Fulcrum’s Rapid Red 3 wheels and Specialized Sawtooth 42c tyres. The overall build came to around 9.8kg! I think we made a very pretty bike.

The Metal Bike full specs with Campagnolo Ekar, Fulcrum Wheels on Columbus x Mercer frame

Price €5000,-

Current location: Düsseldorf

Contact us for more info and check out our other projects, like The Rattlecan and The Alchemist.

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