25 October 2021

We love building bikes. Bikes are essential: they help us to go the places we want to go in life, from daily transport to a life changing ride out in the wild. They are part of our identity. We think that everyone deserves the opportunity to ride, for whatever purposes. 

Author: Dane Zijlstra


The frame is one of a pair similarly painted, we called it “Rattlecan”. We like to imagine a pair of teenages discovering a few rattle cans or paint tins and secretly customising their bikes. Its a scenario I (Dane) hope everyone has had. The joy of creating a unique artwork, all of ones own making. The paint recording every brush movement or splash, frozen in time. 

Ashley @ Shamrockpaintworks followed this recipe decorating half the frame leaving the a powdercoat base layer exposed. The frame was then covered with a clear layer for additional protection. The finish is tough and pretty.

The frame is 1 of 10 built by David Mercer specially for the Killat Collective. Columbus tubing was preferred for the build, Zona was used for the majority of the frame. The tubes are brazed together and not welded (some argue that there is less stress on the joins this way, but this is a discussion on its own) David was given the choice of filing or not filing the fillets with this project, accidentally adding to the idea that each frame is unique. 

The geometry is based on the Mercer “ Grubby Grivet”, the frame feels fast and retains the properties of steel while also being relatively light.

 A contributing idea to the design was: The most important part of a bicycle is how it feels riding it. We wanted a responsive fast frame while adding a little more comfort with larger tyres. Officially the fork is limited to 40c tyres but “Rad-itude” and “The Alchemist” both rode with 42c tyres. 

South industries GX wheelset had to be used. Their profile is simply beautiful and we believe they are super fancy too. These were paired with the Tune KillHill ClimbHill hubset which brings the wheelset weight down to 1.35kg for a gravel wheelset! 

This build used a more conventional “gravel” gearing. 1×11 with a large range of gears for flats and climbing. Sram Rival was chosen with a GX cassette. We choose to go cable to disc, but not mechanical. The brakes are cable to hydraulic, using the Juin Tech caliper and 160mm rotors. The seatpost is a KCNC Ti pro light 0 setback 27.2mm with a Fabric scoop saddle. Bars and stem will be changed out to match the riders geometry. Currently fitted with a Pro handlebar and Easton bar tape. 

Full specs


Custom steel frame built by David Mercer in South Africa. mixed tubing but predominantly Columbus Zona brazed together. Powdercoated for strength, painted and then a clear coat. The inside of the frame is coated in Linseed oil. 


Columbus Futura gravel carbon fork – Rated to 40c tyres but current riders are using 42c tyres.


South Industries Tune ClimbHill wheelset with Sapim CX Ray bladed spokes and Securelock alloy nipples

Weight 1350g


Sram Rival 1×11, 42/10 cassette with a 42 tooth front chainwheel. Mechanical shifting. 

Brakes are cable to hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors. Juin tech calipers.

Price: €4500,-

Current location: Schicke Mütze

Contact us if you’re interested in riding this bike!

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